New micro-apartment complex
for young professionals and
students in Cologne’s vibrant
Ehrenfeld district.

Are you a young professional, commuter or student? Are you looking for a furnished apartment in a central location for the duration of your studies or fixed-term employment contract?

A shortage of living space is not unique to major international cities such as New York, London, Tokyo or Paris. Even the cathedral city suffers from a limited supply of turn-key apartments. This is precisely why “microliving” is currently very much in trend. Micro-apartments – small fully furnished apartments – are extremely popular mainly due to their central location and modern interiors.

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Do you also feel drawn to the cathedral city on the Rhine?

As home to one of Germany's oldest universities as well as numerous television broadcasters and publishing houses, Cologne is a renowned media and university city.

With the new “LiebIch” building project, we are bringing beautifully furnished micro-apartments to Cologne's housing market so you can enjoy an ideal home in a central location. The complex property is located in the bustling district of Cologne-Ehrenfeld, which embraces a lifestyle of diversity, creativity and individuality. 

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Check out our available units. To apply directly for the respective apartment category, click and follow the referral link to the real estate agent moovin.

Type Living space  All-in-rent
1 - room-apartment approx. 24 m²  starting price: EUR 698 Apply now
1 - room-apartment approx. 26 m² starting price: EUR 746 Apply now
1 - room-apartment with balcony approx. 31 m²  starting price: EUR 959 Apply now
1.5 - room-apartment approx. 34 m² starting price: EUR 1.047 Apply now

1. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Face facts, you can’t change things anyway. (It is what it is.)

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2. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Accept the inevitable; you can't alter the course of events anyway. (What will be, will be.)

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3. The “Kölsch Constitution” | What worked well yesterday will also go well tomorrow. (It's always worked out fine before.)

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4. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Don’t moan about situations and don’t grieve for things that are long forgotten. (What’s gone is gone.)

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5. The “Kölsch Constitution”| Be open to new things. (Nothing stays the same.)

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6. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Be critical if new developments get out of hand. (Don’t know it, don’t need it, away with it.)

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7. The “Kölsch Constitution”: | Accept your fate. (What can you do about it?)

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8. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Quality over quantity. (Make it good, but not too often!)

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9. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Always, first ask the meaning of life. (What's this fuss about?)

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10. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Follow the commandment of hospitality. (Join in! Let's have a drink!)

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11. The “Kölsch Constitution” | Always keep your sense of humor! (You laugh until you cry!)

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Please note that this is a sample interior that may not exactly match the other apartments.

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Please note that this is a sample interior that may not exactly match the other apartments.

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Please note that this is a sample interior that may not exactly match the other apartments.

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Please note that this is a sample interior that may not exactly match the other apartments.

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Please note that this is a sample interior that may not exactly match the other apartments.

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“LiebIch” includes a total of 91 modern fully furnished apartments tailored to meet your needs with a range of additional services.

#KitaInTheHouse: As in many other large cities, day-care facilities for children are in very short supply in Cologne. Parents are often left on endless waiting lists or must apply for a place before their child is even born. To spare those of you who are recent parents from this ordeal, the ground floor of the complex includes a 555-square-metre day-care facility for children and has an additional 100 square metres of outdoor space in the inner courtyard.

Beneath the building is an underground car park with space for 26 cars and 41 bicycles.

Contemporary housing mix: Single-person households are now the most common living scenario in Germany. The “LiebIch” micro-apartment complex caters precisely to this trend: 87 percent of the complex consists of 1-room apartments, with several 1.5- and 2-room apartments as well as one 3-room apartment. If you are living in one of the apartments on the fourth floor, then you can relax on your private balcony and enjoy the end of the day.

An excellent urban location in the popular Cologne district of Ehrenfeld

Ideal transport connections and infrastructure

Modern and contemporary interiors

Light-filled rooms with opening windows, some apartments have balconies

TV and Internet are included in ancillary costs

Large day-care facility for children on the ground floor

Numerous underground car spaces and bicycle stands


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Muster 02

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The “LiebIch” apartment complex is situated on a corner site between Overbeckstrasse 2-4 and Liebigstrasse 1 in the Neuehrenfeld area, which forms part of the district of Ehrenfeld.

Hip area: Ehrenfeld is a highly desirable area of Cologne and offers a variety of cafés, restaurants, clubs, live-music venues, theatres and shopping facilities.

Top location: Cologne Ehrenfeld “S-Bahn” station is just around the corner. From here, “S-Bahn” and regional trains serve the city of Cologne and surrounding regions in the direction of Aachen, Düsseldorf or Mönchengladbach. Thanks to excellent “U-Bahn” rail and bus connections, getting around Cologne is quick and convenient. The access roads to the A57 and A1 motorways are also in the immediate vicinity. Supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, cafés and other facilities catering for everyday needs are all within walking distance.

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With over 1 million inhabitants, Cologne is the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-largest in Germany. It is an economic and cultural centre of international importance and is home to companies such as REWE, Ford, RTL, AXA and Lanxess.

In addition to the almost 52,000 students at the University of Cologne, a further 35,000 students attend no less than 15 leading technical colleges as well as a number of other private universities. However, the city is not only famous for its universities, but also as a major trade fair location. Staging more than 2,000 conferences and exhibitions each year, Koelnmesse is one of Germany’s largest trade fair organisers and has a high international profile.